Sierra’s Sizzlin’ Summer Fun 2013

Sierra is a great place to spend the summer with all of the fun, creative, and educational activities we have planned. Signing up early will guarantee a space for your child in our program. If you would like your child to be in a safe environment with plenty of fun-filled activities to do, then Sierra School is the place for you!

Mornings are devoted to academics, focusing on reading, writing, and math. Whether your child needs extra help to be ready for the new school year, or wants to reinforce and enrich learning, then summer school is a great idea. Important skills tend to get a little rusty without regular practice over the summer. Taking some time each day to work on reading and math will keep those skills sharp.

In the afternoon, children can participate in drama, art, music, sports, and cooking. These activities will revolve around a particular theme, which lasts for four weeks. Take a look at the themes we have planned to get an idea about all of these exciting events. Our afternoon program ends at 6pm.

Grades K-6

First Session: June 18th through July 13th ~ Olympics 2012
Few events gather as much worldwide attention and excitement as the Summer Olympic Games. Olympics 2012 should be no exception, and Sierra School plans to help make this event a memorable one for your child. Of course we will not be flying to London, but we will capture the international spirit of the games while engaging in a host of entertaining and educational activities.

Children of all ages will love the projects we’ve planned. They will have a great time making their very own Olympic torches and Olympic flags. The tradition of the participating countries will be the focus of many other projects, which include music, dance, folktales and food from around the world. Speaking of food, children can really look forward to cooking class. If you haven’t guessed already, our Olympic celebration will include sports, and more sports! Track, relays, and field games are but a few of the activities in which your child can develop strength and stamina as well as good sportsmanship and teamwork. Let the games begin!

Second Session: July 16th through August 10th ~ Wild, Wild, West

For our second session, we will go pioneering and discover “The Wild West”. The students will travel back in time using their imaginations to learn more about how it was to live and grow up during this period of history. Students will enjoy creating and eating treats such as cowpoke beans and franks, ten gallon punch and making homemade butter.

They’ll play games such as wild horse round up, horseshoes and branded cow. Students will learn to make cornhusk dolls, silver and turquoise Indian bracelets, marbled paper and teepees. Through all of our crafts, cooking, games and movies, the students will learn fascinating stories about the gold rush, Native Americans and many cowboy tales.

How could we possibly end a fabulous summer without a genuine western hoe-down? So, “Giddy on Up” and get ready for some good old fashioned fun!


Summer program hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
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